"The Abyssinian" by Jean-Cristophe Rufin

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This fun and interesting adventure story features some sure-fire elements to pique our interest: desert caravans, forbidden love, an audience with Louis XIV, wonderful secondary players. But it also plays a game with the old formula, changing things up a bit. Our hero's lady love is not a virgin, but engages in an assignation with a rich, self-centered libertine, who eventually comes to a timely end through his ignorance and arrogance. Our intrepid hero, Jean-Baptiste, a part-time healer, does not succeed in his quest until he forsakes the society which he formerly intended to win over.
A fun, witty read, with an intrepid hero, a devoted lady love, and a delightful couple as sidekicks, Maitre Juremi and Francoise. Lose yourself in this one; I guarantee a good time.
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