"Three Junes" by Julia Glass

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At the center of the sweet and emotional "Three Junes" is Fenno, a somewhat isolated and yearning man in NY. Fenno's father loses his strong-willed wife, and lives in an emotional fog, or extreme emotional myopia. He finds out late, lamentably, unacceptably late, that Fenno is gay. "Three Junes" has a complicated reproductive urge running through it; one of the very important resolutions of this story is that Fenno donates sperm so that his sister-in-law can become a mother. This is a woman toward whom Fenno had an actual sensual impulse years before. Fenno's father is not immune from the urge, either, and makes somewhat of a fool of himself over Fern, a much younger woman.
This is the story of the emotional growth and fulfillment of our three principal actors - Fenno, Fern, and Fenno's dad. Another character, Tony, serves as somewhat of a catalyst, if such is proper for this story. He's a bisexual who has been intimate wth both Fenno and Fern. He is capricious, ingratiating, and gorgeous, and will not be got rid of. At length, you comprehend that no one really wants to be rid of him.

"Three Junes" is touching, effective, and transporting. We come to value these main players, and hope things turn out for them. This is excellent, a fulsome journey. It led me to other work by this wonderful author.
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