"My Only Story" by Monica Wood

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Monica Wood's company is a deep pleasure throughout "My Only Story." This piece has some of the most expert capturing of gritty and exact details I have encountered. The telling of place and family is so grounded and real, we feel very close to these characters. Motivations and consequences are inevitable in this book, but the denouement bounces us out of our smug seats and takes us on a merry ride.

The main character, a mildly psychic hairdresser, truly loves a man, who loves her in return. However, this lovely character doesn't seem to have a choice but to perpetuate a series of shenanigans against this man's family - all completely harmless - that some things are bound to change. There is a perceptive commentary on mutability as opposed to continuity in the layers of this book, too. A distinct and memorable pleasure.
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