"Hominids/The Neanderthal Parallax" by Robert J. Sawyer

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In "Hominids" Robert J. Sawyer makes a number of sharp points about society by conjuring a Neanderthal man in present-day North America. Many modern ills, like violence, racism, xenophobia, pollution, overpopulation, each have their moment in the sun.

This is only obliquely a didactic novel, however. With the social discussion, we also have a number of sciences dealt with effectively: genetics, computer science, physics, anatomy, medicine, history, paleoanthropology - don't worry! These are all duly subservient to the plot.

On top of all that, Sawyer has produced a real page-turner. The Neanderthal Parallax is a good treat for those of us who like a little meat on our sci fi.
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