"The Curve of the World" by Marcus Stevens

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Here we have the story of a man held hostage in the Congo after a plane crash strands him and all his fellow passengers in a remote spot. Lewis, our protaganist, takes off into the jungle when the captors let their guard down - never mind that the release of the hostages is in the works.

Lewis runs, gets lost, falls ill, is almost killed. He's running hard from something - perhaps his marriage, which seems brittle enough. A native boy, Kofi, saves him, and after a time of recovery, Lewis feels he must go back and save Kofi in turn. Here Lewis's journey heals, becomes moral, redeems. After rescuing Kofi, he deserves to return to his family: his wife Helen and their blind son, Shane. At the end, Lewis lies in a hospital bed and sees Kofi and Shane on the balcony. Helen's hand rests on his shoulder; she doesn't realize he's awake.

Pregnant with moral meaning and vivid action, some of it life-threatening, "The Curve of the World" recounts the life-changing and life-saving journey of a man in need of a new start. You won't be sorry you picked this up.
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