"Adios Muchachos" by Daniel Chavarria

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"Adios Muchachos" is nothing more or less than a caper. A bicycle hooker in Havana is recruited to perform for a pair of male peeping toms - one is gay and one is bisexual. The sex is steamy and the greed is palpable.

Alicia is the highly mercenary sex worker and the scheme that she and Victor (the "bi" peeping tom) cook up on the accidental death of Victor's millionaire boss goes at length awry - an inside man makes off with the $4 million ransom. All ends in the clover when our two scurrilous schemers find their ultimate niches: Alicia kept as a wife of a wealthy older Argentinian, Victor kept as the lover of his boss's hot and distraught widow.

A guilty pleasure, I have to say. Venal, saucy, sly - a diverting peek at shady dealings.
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